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Attract and engage with the right candidates

I help you build bridges between the talent you are seeking and the opportunities you are offering

Photo of Keum-Yeo Brochet, recruitment marketing consultant

I'm Keumy

Recruitment marketing specialist with

12+ years of professional experience.

Having worked with top-tier organizations such as Bombardier, and the business schools of McGill University, and Concordia University, my expertise lies in planning and implementing 360-degree marketing strategies to attract and engage top talent, whether it is for higher education recruitment or corporate recruitment purposes. Through a data-driven mindset, a compelling storytelling method that keeps candidates in mind and a comprehensive diversity and inclusion approach, I help organizations unlock recruitment marketing tactics, tools and practices that deliver tangible results.


Broadly, I can help you with:


Analyzing and assessing your employer or institution brand to build its strategy with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion


Developing, deploying and leveraging your
value proposition

for attraction and retention purposes


Improving and tracking your brand awareness and candidate reach using social media

What people say

Keum-Yeo’s passion for people, her dedication to helping others achieve their goals, and her personable character have made her an excellent recruiter. She has a perfect combination of strategic thinking, creativity, passion for marketing, and exceptional communication skills that have developed her into a great marketing professional. 

Sunny Choi, 
Management Consultant, Deloitte (Toronto)

More detailed list of my services

360-degree analysis and strategic plan for employer (re) brand and recruitment
marketing tactics 

Tactical higher education program recruitment marketing including social media and content strategy

 Employer / program value proposition research, development and deployment to improve attraction and/or retention

Online and in-person trainings on social media branding for
recruitment and talent acquisition teams

MBA and Master-level program admissions coaching for individuals

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Contact information:

Keumy Brochet (She / her)

Recruitment Marketing Specialist

Tel: 514-224-3975    |    

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