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Attract and engage with the right candidates and organizations

I help build bridges between talented indivoduals and exceptional companies

Photo of Keum-Yeo Brochet, recruitment marketing consultant

I'm Keumy

Recruitment marketing specialist with

12+ years of professional experience.

Having worked with top-tier organizations such as Alcoa, Bombardier, and the business schools of McGill University and Concordia University, my expertise lies in planning and implementing 360-degree marketing strategies to attract and engage top talent. With a data-driven mindset, a compelling storytelling method that keeps candidates in mind and a comprehensive diversity and inclusion approach, I help organizations unlock recruitment marketing tactics, tools and practices that deliver tangible results.

Having also worked with both international and local MBA students from two top universities, I understand the keys to success in an ever-changing and competitive job market. Leveraging Linkedin as a networking tool and strategic approach, I guide students and candidates through their career journey and equip them with the tools they need to secure their next opportunity. 


As an organization, I can help you with:


Analyzing and assessing your employer or institution brand to build its strategy with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion


Developing, deploying and leveraging your
value proposition

for attraction and retention purposes


Improving and tracking your brand awareness and candidate reach using social media and other channels

As an individual, I can help you with:


Identifying your career goals, refining your career path and your strategic approach to your job search


Networking, resume reviews, behavioural interview preparation and salary negotiation. 


Leveraging your Linkedin profile and Linkedin as a networking tool to its utmost capacity.

What people say:

I highly recommend Keum-Yeo for her exceptional skills in building recruitment strategies. She has a proven track record of delivering successful hiring solutions and has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of talent acquisition. Her strategic approach, combined with her ability to align recruitment initiatives with business goals, makes her a valuable asset to any organization. I have personally witnessed her dedication, professionalism and innovative thinking, which have greatly contributed to our company's success.

Marco Beaulieu
Head of Talent Acquisition and Internship Experience, Bombardier (Montreal)

More detailed list of my services:

360-degree analysis and strategic plan for institution's branding 
and marketing management

Tactical higher education program-specific recruitment marketing, including social media and content strategy

 Employer / program value proposition research, development and deployment to improve attraction and/or retention

Online and in-person trainings on social media branding for
recruitment and talent acquisition teams

MBA and Master-level program admissions and subsequent job market career coaching for individuals

Contact information:


Keumy Brochet (She / her)

Recruitment Marketing Specialist & Career counselor

Tel: 514-224-3975    |    

Let's talk:

All great moments start with a good discussion. When is your next availability?

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